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Mod Post! Please read! Important stuff! - For a good cry, or a happy sigh

About Mod Post! Please read! Important stuff!

Previous Entry Mod Post! Please read! Important stuff! Apr. 26th, 2005 @ 05:53 pm Next Entry
Okay. Apparently people are forgetting the rules, or not reading them at all. Just to refresh everyone's memory, I'm going to go over some of the most important and most often broken here.

1. You must use the correct form when posting. It's rule #9, but I'm probably going to move it to the top of the page so people will be more likely to see it. But, here it is:

Fandom: (if any)
Other info:
--post piece--

This is very important. It makes everyone's life, especially mine, eight billion times easier. If you do not list the categories you want your piece listed under, I will make up some categories for you, and they might not be the categories you want. There is a reason for the categories! Every time someone posts a piece, I put it in the memories under the listed categories, so that people can go back later and find what they want without having to slog through the entire community. Also, if you do not know what "fandom" means, just ignore it, because it most likely isn't relevant.

2. Put the title of your piece in the subject line (yes, in addition to in the form). This also makes everything easier in regard to archiving. If your piece does not have a title, make one up.

3. Please don't post just introducing yourself. We like it when new people come, and we like learning a little bit about them, but we also want to see what they've written or made.

4. If you have more than one piece you want to post, post them in different entries. This is for archiving purposes. If the pieces are related or part of a series, you can go back later and add links.

5. Really people. Proofread before you post. Read over your piece one or two times to check for obvious grammar mistakes and typos. Make use of your word processor's spell check function. I don't demand excellence, but I do demand readability.

6. Stay on topic. This community has a specific purpose, and I'd like it to stick to that. Also, do not post an entry or comment advertising your community. If you would like to advertise, drop an email to suedadieotan @ gmail dot com, and I'll check out your community and see if it's pertinent.

7. Now, this totally has not been a problem, but it bears repeating for future reference. Always be curteous and polite. If you are not, your comment will (probably) be deleted, and you will be warned or banned, depending on the severity.

8. This isn't a rule, so much as a head's up. When writing and publishing on the internet, copyright is always an issue. Fanfiction is always a copyright issue, but original work can cause quite a copyright headache. I have no way of knowing if anything posted here has been plagarized (short of spending several hours searching), and no way to protect what's posted here against being plagarized (short of going friends only). I kept the communiy visible to everyone, so that anyone could read without joining. But I've been thinking for a while of making the entire community friends only. Sure, random people couldn't wander in and read, but your work would be somewhat more protected. Also, if something's posted on the internet, freely visible to anyone at all, that counts as being already published, and no editors will touch it. But if something's posted on the internet so that only a few people will see it, it has a much higher chance of being looked at by a publisher (but I can't garnuantee). So if anyone wants to publish any of the work they've posted here, they should make a friends only post. I'm not crystal clear on all the details, but if anyone wants to learn more about copyright law (which is obviously the most interesting thing in the world), he or she can visit Copyright.gov. I would really suggest reading the FAQ.

So I'll take a vote. If you want the community to go friends only, or want it to stay open, or don't care, please post here.

Okay, that was pretty long-winded. But we want this to be a quality community, right? It's normally pretty slow here, but I have noticed a pick-up recently, and I think it's important to refresh everyone's memory, and inform the new people. And think about the copyright thing.
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